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We live at the intersection of money and marriage

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your financial life and the additional complexities that come with being a blended family?

You deserve to feel confident in your future so that you can spend more time with your family doing things that fulfill you. We approach financial planning a little bit different than other financial advisors because we focus on your wealth, not just your investments.

True wealth is comprised of meaningful relationships in combination with financial freedom.

In other words, the financial means to do what you want in life, and great people around you to share your life with – is how we define wealth!

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So, why Blend Wealth?

We started Blend Wealth because let's face it, money and marriage are two very difficult things to manage.

We take a collaborative approach to our process. We crunch the numbers, educate you and make recommendations for you and your family to consider.

No jargon. No pressure. Just a straightforward approach that prioritizes communication and helps you get from where you are, to where you want to be, both relationally and financially.

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We understand you

As a blended family, we understand that even when things are good, they're still more complicated.

Marriage, kids, and finances all have unique challenges on their own, but being a blended family can add more complexities to the mix.

We are here to organize and simplify your finances so that you can spend more time focusing on your marriage and family.

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We've been there

We're a blended family.

We want to partner with you by helping align your values with your money in a clear and concise way that makes a significant impact on your family.

You deserve to feel confident in your financial future so that you are able to achieve your goals while making your current marriage your best and last marriage.

Honest financial advice with a healthy dose of empathy

You can expect:

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Your biggest cheerleader
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Your financial partner through it all

Your life is complex.

So we designed our firm to organize and simplify your wealth building journey.

We focus on your finances, while you focus on your family.

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