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Alexis & Tim

Who We Aren’t

Imagine walking into a stereotypical meeting with a “financial advisor”.

The conference room looks like traditional stuffy board room.

You are nervous to talk about your finances with someone you only talk with once a year – and he does most of the talking.

The “financial advisor” makes you feel inferior by constantly talking over your head, using complex technical investment jargon.  Every time you ask clarifying questions, you are made to feel like your own finances are too sophisticated for you to understand.  Finally, they end the meeting with a high-pressure sale of commissioned mutual funds, insurance or annuities. 


Sadly, this is what many people experience or think of when they hear “financial advisor.” 

Let us be the first to tell you – THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! 



Who We Are

We are your family’s biggest cheerleader!  We want to be part of your extended family.  We want to hear about your kids, see pictures from your recent vacation and encourage your family to dream big dreams.  For us it’s relationships first, finances second.  We love to work with those of you who want to be intentional with their marriage, with your family and in your community so that we can help you align your money with what’s important to you.   We want you to understand the importance of investing both your TIME and your MONEY wisely.

We love LOVE, the institute of marriage, and specifically helping families.  As a blended family ourselves, we have a heart for blended families as we understand the additional complexities that come with being blended.  And we love helping blended families navigate these additional complexities in their finances.

Our mission is to provide meaningful wealth management to families and ultimately help you ensure your current marriage is your BEST and LAST marriage.

We commit to speak in plain, simple English. We recognize that YOU are in charge of YOUR finances, and we are your trusted partner to help advise and make meaningful recommendations. We stay focused on your finances, so you can stay focused on your family. 

Starting a relationship with Blend Wealth is just like starting a relationship – it’s personal. So let’s get personal! 


Q&A with Tim & Alexis

What’s your favorite date night?

T: I love a good activity.  One of my favorite dates was a city tour Alexis planned for us.  We rented two electric scooters downtown and she mapped out several stops to make around town.  An appetizer at this place, a craft beer over here, a quick stop at this park, casual dinner just 5 minutes from this place, and desert at another location.  It was so much fun exploring downtown while spending a good portion of the day with each other.

A: I love a good surprise date night! I love when Tim takes the initiative to plan a night out and I have no idea what to expect. It makes the whole day exciting. 


What is something you want to do but have never done before?

T: As a numbers person, I have almost zero talent when it comes to the arts.  I am always impressed by those that can play the piano, the guitar or sing.  I’d love to learn how to play one of these instruments.

A: I want to learn how to grow food and have my own garden.


What do you think is your spouse’s best quality?

T: No matter the situation, no matter the circumstance, Alexis always has the most positive outlook on any given situation.  Flight delayed for 4 hours, “no problem”, rain on your wedding day, “it will be okay”.  She makes great times even better, and turns bad times into funny memories.

A: His communication and his desire to lead.


What has been your favorite family vacation?

T: The boys had been talking about pirates a lot at home, so we planned a spring break trip to Treasure Island, FL.   We bought tickets for a Pirate Ship ride off John’s Pass and Alexis even planned a treasure hunt where she buried a small chest filled with golden $1 dollar coins at the beach that morning.  The boys had to find clues the resort that eventually led them to the treasure.  They still have the treasure chest in their bedroom and talk about it often.

A: I loved taking the boys to Gatlinburg, TN. We really value experiences and watching their faces light up when we do something for the first time is always so memorable and fulfilling. In Gatlinburg we rented an ATV and got poured on, which resulted in a lot of laughs and an unforgettable experience.


What would your ideal weekend look like?

T: Weekends are for family.  Life is crazy and time can get away from us. So having time each week to re-connect and pour your time into relationships is critically important.  Time with your family, with friends and in your relationship with God.  Personally, I love being outdoors.

A: My ideal weekend would be jam packed because I deeply love fellowship and being active.

Friday night: Date Night. I love live music. Some of my favorite nights with Tim are finding a new restaurant and listening to live acoustic music.

Saturday: Work out in the morning, attend a local farmers market, explore a new park with the boys and fellowship with friends.

Sunday: Go to church and spend the day with family doing something active like riding bikes, swimming or having dance parties with the boys.


What do you want people to know about Blend?

T: At Blend, we focus on true wealth creation.  Being wealthy comes from having great relationships, while having the financial freedom to pour into those relationships.  We want you to invest your TIME wisely, and we want to help invest your money in a manner that supports how you want to spend your time.

A: We are expanding on the definition of wealth to go beyond the definition of accumulation. We are helping clients define their values and align their financial resources with things that are truly important to them.

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