Laying the Foundation in Your Blended Family

Alexis & Tim

Falling in love is easy and exciting but learning how to merge a blended family and do life together is more complicated when you have adults, kids, ex-spouses, ex-in laws, new in-laws and stepsiblings all thrown into the mix. Learning how to live life with all the additional outside factors will help you and your marriage thrive.

Many people feel overwhelmed with finances in their blended family, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can create financial vision for your blended family that will unite your marriage and bring your family closer whether you have been blended for years, just recently blended or are preparing to blend.

Laying the foundation in your blended family requires diving into your current situation and evaluating 4 different areas:

1. Yourself

2. Your blended family

3. Your financial values

4. Your current financial situation

We encourage you to take the time to think about the questions listed in each one of these areas and then discuss your answers with your spouse.

Evaluate yourself

Why does your overall wellbeing matter? Because eventually you and your spouse are going to discuss family and finances, and if they can’t trust you because of something personal (i.e. an addiction, a bad attitude, an unhealthy relationship, etc.) then it’s going to make financial conversations very difficult.

Evaluate your blended family

Why is evaluating your blended family situation important? When blended families face financial conflicts, there are typically bigger issues rooted in loyalty, trust, power, control, acceptance and fear. Discussing your current family dynamic is important to working through any underlying issues that may lead to any financial conflicts in the future.

Evaluate your financial values

Evaluate your financial situation

Every blended family is different; therefore, every blended family financial situation is different. You need a foundation before you begin to create a plan around your finances. Answering these questions with your spouse will give you a great start in building this foundation.

If you find these questions challenging or overwhelming, we are happy to help guide you through these discussions and help you create Your Unique Blend.

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