Financial planning for business owners

Thomas (50) owns a company valued at $5M. He wants to be intentional with his family’s personal finances but knows the best use of his time is pouring into his family and focusing on growing the business.

He is looking for a financial advisor to partner with that understands entrepreneurship and the challenges he faces. He would like an advisor who provides a single point of contact for both his personal finances and business retirement plan for his employees.

Key Concerns: 
• Doesn’t have time to focus on personal finances like he should.
• Desire to maximize retirement savings.
• How can he best include his wife in financial conversations?
• Will his business be able to fund his lifestyle in retirement?
• Feels like he should be paying less in taxes. 
• Really cares about his employees and thinks he might be able to offer a 401(k) retirement plan for them.
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